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San Francisco Weekend with the Sis

This past weekend I went down to San Francisco to finally stay with my sister in her new apartment. It was just a short one night trip, but we laughed at the end of my stay because we packed so much into one night and one day. During my stay we went out at night in the Marina District which is my all time FAVORITE part of San Francisco, whether day or night. During the day you can enjoy some fun shopping at adorable boutiques or your favorite brand name stores such as Lucky Brand Jeans, Williams Sonoma (my fav!) and when you need some fuel after all the shopping there are TONS of restaurants or quick food places. I have not tried all of the food places, but I have a list of where I want to go my next few visits. While I was there this weekend my sister and I went to the Tipsy Pig which was delicious and super fun! I recommend going if you ever want yummy bar food or if you are 21 and older to grab a drink (I still have a few more years to go). To check out the restaurant/bars menu you can click here I had fun dressing up like a “city girl” the night we went out, but I must admit heels were tough to walk in..

The next morning we went to church at a gorgeous church in the mission district. I love being in the city because of all the walking and in San Francisco there are hills everywhere so it almost feels like you are on a permanent stair stepper. After church we explored the Fairmont Hotel which is fabulous! It was one of the nicest hotels I have seen and they have a couple restaurants inside as well, one of them being The Tonga Room. My sister and I definitely are going back there next time I come. The whole menu is Hawaiian themed and the inside almost looks like it is out of the Tiki Room at Disneyland. Definitely go if you are ever in the mood for some island time in the city! After checking out the Tonga Room and hotel, our tummies were growling and we decided to get breakfast which turned into brunch. We headed to the Marina District (my choice since I am obsessed) and browsed the area for something that caught our eye. We chose the restaurant BRIXTON because as we walked by the food on the peoples plates eating outside looks so good!! I ordered the french dip sandwich which is my all time favorite food, and I rarely order it at restaurants because no one can beat my mom’s recipe. However, BRIXTON did an amazing job and this may have been the best french dip I have ever had! My sister ordered a bloody mary (which she said was fabulous) and a chicken avocado sandwich. To share we ordered sweet potato fries, which also were the best sweet potato fries I have ever had! I highly recommend going to this restaurant!! To check out the menu click here


After our amazing lunch I found a place I saw on It is called Pacific Puffs and it is a store run by two brothers who use their mom’s recipe of cream puffs. We ordered the chocolate mini cream puff and it was amazing! The brothers were in the store and they were incredibly friendly (and cute) which definitely made the experience even better. You can check out their web page here Well that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post mainly on the marina district! Thanks Cait for hosting me in the fabulous city of San Fran! The rest of my day now is filled with homework and cleaning….so much fun….


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