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All stressful weeks come to a good end :)

Hello there! and happy Friday! ahhh finally….TGIF

this week has be stressful with a capital S! school and work every day and night and on top of that multiple essays and tests that I needed to study for. However, all stressful weeks come to a good end. Today was a very exciting day today. At my junior college there was a casting call for a show that will appear on the Food Network called Sushi Smackdown. Savvy Productions was at my school and interviewing college students and finding those who are outgoing and filled with leadership and marketing skills. I went to the casting call and was the first to be interviewed (on camera by the way) and it went great! It was an amazing experience and I truly feel like this is something I am skilled in. Obviously, I love the food network channel, but adding in the marketing and leaderships skills I knew I could conquer the interview. For more info go to and definitely check out the website and what it is all about. It is an amazing event and the show will be fantastic, especially for all you sushi lovers out there!

Other than that…here are my Friday faves:

1. Pumpkin Spice lattes

So happy these are back! after my run this morning I def enjoyed me one of these babies!


2. Bethenny on the Ellen Degenres Show

Hilarious episode! She talks all about her stranded at sea moment…hope you guys caught this episode!

3. Bagel Thins

Just bought the whole wheat kind…..YUM they are so good! especially if you put an egg white, some spinach, and laughing cow cheese…makes a perfect breakfast sandwich!



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  1. LOVED Bethenny on Ellen!

    Good luck with the FN gig! That sounds amazing!!! 😀


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