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Friday Faves

Oh My my….how is it already Friday? this week flew by!!! I feel like i cannot even catch up with how fast weeks go by. This friday has been going amazing so far! I started my morning with a little training for my half marathon which is already NEXT WEEKEND! is anyone else running womens nike half marathon in SF? ahh i cannot believe how fast it came! This morning I did a quick 5 mile run with my dad and I officially knew it was fall because it was FREEZING! It took a couple hours after the run to finally feel my fingers.

Now onto my Friday faves…

1) New running clothes for my half marathon. For some reason I get so excited for new workout clothes. First off they are always comfy and secondly, they never fit too weird like some of the crazy expensive name brand clothes. I had to choose pink in honor of supporting breast cancer and of course a little extra bonus since it is my favorite color šŸ™‚

2) Fall Baking. My best friend and I make caramel apples every fall. They are called apple pie caramel apples. They are AMAZING and soooo delicious. Definitely a treat and these apples are not the kind that “keep the doctor away”

3) My final friday fave of course is Friday night football. I love watching my brothers play and the crisp, cold weather at night. I may not always know what is happening in the game, but the atmosphere of a football game always makes me happy.

Well now I am off to do my other favorite thing every Friday…read People Magazine:) happy friday!


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