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Women’s Nike Half Marathon in SF

You know those people who love to run marathons? well i may have become one after last weekend. Last sunday I ran my first half marathon. The race is put on by Nike and is for the fight against cancer. My friend Natalie and I signed up and went into it not really having been on a training plan…so we will just say we kinda winged it but we have always been runners. The Morning of I was very excited and not too nervous at all…however once we got to mile 5-7 i must admit I was a little scared, but it ended up being one of the greatest experiences I ever had. The most inspiring moment was when i saw those who were fighting or had survived cancer cheering us runners on. It was AMAZING.

This is Natalie and I the day before in Union square for all the pre-race activities. The day before was so much fun! A lot of free samples of snacks that were handed out during the race….plus some ghiradelli chocolate 🙂

THe morning of the race at 6:30 a.m. We were very fortunate because the weather in SF was actually very nice out! I only needed my pink jacket for the first mile and then i had to take it off.


Running into the finish line!! YAY!!! It is funny how you can barely feel your legs by the last mile but somehow you manage to sprint to the end. The adrenaline rush is the absolute BEST!



Oh and did i mention all finishers get Tiffany’s necklaces??? A definite BONUS in running this marathon ladies! They even personalized them on the front it has NWM for NIkes Women Marathon and on the back it says “I run to be. Tiffany &CO.” It is such a cute necklace…I havent taken it off since the race!

After the race we went and got a post race meal at BRIXTON in SF which my sister and I had previously been to. I of course ordered the exact same thing as last time…French dip and sweet potato fries…YUM.


This day was one of the best experiences in my life. If you ever have a chance to run a half marathon that is for a good cause i would highly recommend it, and especially recommend the SF Nike Womens Half Marathon! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I cannot believe we are already on our last week of october. I am watching Hocus Pocus as I am writing this blog…love this halloween movie! 



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