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The Amazing Soda Machine

Have you guys been hearing about the soda machine that makes 106 different soda combinations? Well i definitely have been hearing about it on my favorite blogs, such as and and I have been dying to find one and try it! Well this last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Santa Cruz with some friends. Whenever I go to Santa Cruz, I have to hit up Pizza My Heart. It is the best Pizza in California. Almost as good as New York pizza:) Well when I walked into Pizza My Heart I found the soda machine! I was so excited and my friend actually made fun of me and how a soda machine made me so happy. As i searched through the selection you can make, there were a variety of sodas that you could add cherry, raspberry orange, vanille, lime, grape, and other flavors into your soda selection. I sampled every flavor. Two of my favorites were vanilla root beer and raspberry sprite zero. My friend got the peach sprite zero which was fabulous as well. I highly recommend Pizza My Heart, but now that it has this soda machine….i DEFINITELY recommend it!


Other than the amazing pizza and soda that i endured this weekend, the rest of my little getaway was amazing as well! I was in Santa Clara visiting my very close friend the first night and then I joined her and her friends and thats when we headed to the beach the second night. We stayed in a beautiful home and the weather was amazing! We even got into the water…with wet suits 🙂 and boogie boarded for a while. It was an amazing weekend, with amazing friends, fun, and laughter.


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