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Hello Everyone! My name is Bridget, but go by bridge to many, and I live in Northern California, born and raised. Thank you for looking at my blog and I hope you enjoy everything that it brings you. This blog shares many of my favorite things, hobbies, places, and more and how everyone can live a balanced and happy lifestyle. A year ago I started my first year of junior college. My senior year of high school I had no intentions of attending a junior college. I was ASB vice president, enrolled in honors classes, and had a high GPA and was planning on moving away and attending a university. Well let’s just say the year I was applying was one of the “so-called” toughest years for undergraduates to be applying and getting accepted into schools. When college acceptance letters started arriving in the mail, I only received one out of the many schools that I had applied to. I was devastated, heart-broken and ashamed that none of my top schools had wanted me. I thought it was the end of the world that I would be living at home for the next two years and attending a junior college. The first couple months of school were very tough. As pictures of friends partying at college were popping up on Facebook, I immediately felt like I was hitting an all time low. After feeling sorry for myself I realized I can take my junior college experience and be negative for the next two years, or I could become positive and make the most of my abnormal college experience. And that is exactly what I did. I became positive and happy about my college outcome and started taking advantage of living at home and the money  I was saving by going to a jr. college. I started taking trips on the weekends, visiting friends at different colleges, and many more fun adventures. I could enjoy some hobbies of mine at home such as cooking, baking, running, and swimming all while studying and doing my best to get good grades at school. My life has now become more balanced than I would have ever imagined. I am happy, healthy, and living a fun lifestyle giving myself the perfect balance to my college lifestyle. I am now grateful for  what once was a tragedy to me. I hope you enjoy this blog as I post my day to day balanced lifestyle filled with fun ideas, travels, healthy living tips, and recipes!


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